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Ihab F Bremen

10.08.2022, 18:02 Uhr

Good Day.
To whom it May concern.
Today I went to my appointment to donate blood Blutspende:

10.08.2022 - 15:15 Uhr

Termin als ical in meinen Kalender eintragen
Steigenberger Hotel - 28217 Bremen (8840)

Am Weser-Terminal 6
28217 Bremen.
and what I faced is in fact the height of shame. The doctor refused to donate blood, she and the staff working with her because of my English language. She told me that you cannot donate blood because you do not speak German and you are not German. I explained to her that I had already donated blood and I have a membership card No. T8513188 she refused strongly and felt a lot of racism, especially after laughing with the other employees, which led to my great embarrassment, especially that I do this because my blood type is o negativ, and I know that it is a rare species, and I do it for free. And also to help each other, we are one element who resides in one country and helps each other. I used to do that also in my mother country. How can this happen in a respected charitable institution, especially from employees whose work is supposed to be limited to providing assistance? I am very sorry, I will not donate blood again until I am Germany

Andrea-Esther C
10.08.2022, 18:59 Uhr

Hello Ihab.
First of all: apologies for my poor english, i used google translate for some phrases. Maybe the problem is, that the doctors and the staff have to communicate with you, and if their and/or your english is not good enough, it is not guaranteed that everything in the questionnaire is correct. If you want to complain to the German Red Cross, it would be better to use the "KONTAKT" form or to call the hotline 0800 11 949 11.

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